A Guide to Living Life Fully


As stated in the About page my name’s Greg (GregSCohen to you; Ory, KBG, and a variety of other nicknames to various other people). Regardless of what you call me, it’s nice to make your acquaintance. So, who am I? Well, that’s a loaded question but I will give it a shot.

I could easily give you some credentials about my education, my socio-economic standing, or other endeavors I am pursuing but I think that is as much who I am as the color shirt I am wearing currently (purple). Therefore, I will approach this a little differently…

A few days prior to my 27th birthday in July of 2012, I quit my job working for General Electric as a Project Manager. I had positioned myself well in the company to have a very stable course to upper management; especially given the economy, many people warned me that I was a fool for leaving. After all, I worked extremely hard to graduate undergrad in three years, earn my MBA shortly after, and stack my resume with a plethora of certifications and leadership programs–most Fortune 500 hiring managers would actually appreciate my resume landing on their desk.

Unfortunately, I believe in things that cannot be contained by drab cubical walls, punch-card rigidity, and break-room drama. To me, corporate highrises are void of life and frankly I had been existing in that world too long to know where to find real life or even what to look for. I would just stare out the window like a toddler looking out of my playpen–my eyes fixated on wide-open space, differing ideologies, vibrant colors, and the liberty of embracing it all.  I was struck by a violently reverberating illness that seemed to rattle around in my chest constantly; it was the simple realization that if I were to stay, I would never truly live.

No one wakes up and says, “You know what I am happy about today, Gas Turbines.” Yes, they are necessary and many wonderful people will have long fulfilling careers working in that space, but not me. I aim to contribute to the happiness of others in a way that will alter their very beings–cause them to reach out and pursue their life in a fashion deserving of all their sacrifices.

I am suffocating no longer. I have since taken my first free steps unrestrained by overbearing managers, student loans, mortgages, or society’s many other false institutions that we are raised to hold sacred. Don’t get me wrong–I am an extremely responsible person and not really interested in living in a hippy-commune. However, I am interested in really living–sustainably pursuing life every day of my life, from a conversation with a stranger at a bar to thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. Whatever activities give me energy, tire me out in a rejuvenating way, and give me something to remember. I want to live those and help others live them too.


  1. George J Evans /

    enjoy your trip man!!

  2. Natale Rupinta /

    Good for you Greg. Quite an inspiring move. As you were, I am currently suffocating and searching for air. Nice to hear there’s hope of a way out. This girl needs to pick your brain before I implode! You’ve always gone after what you want. That’s very admirable 🙂 Best of luck!

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