A Guide to Living Life Fully


So, you are interested in knowing what MayYouLive.com is all about?

Well, honestly, the answer is pretty simple—it is about living. But not your average life of nine to five aspirations; this site is dedicated, instead, to a life born of liberty, adventure, and exploration. When I say “may you live all the days or your life,” I am not wishing for your heart beat and your regular drawing breath. Although those are necessary, my hope is much grander than that—it is the hope that you are pursuing your life with a steadfast determination. May each day bring you breathtakingly beautiful experiences offering such radiant glory that you are overwhelmed with happiness.

Sound a bit too idealistic to be possible? Well, this site is dedicated to guiding you anecdotally through the many lessons that will lend themselves to leading such a life.

I guess that makes me your guide, of sorts. Name’s Greg and it’s nice to make your acquaintance. I am pretty much an open, poorly written book—help yourself. I am just brazen enough to have convinced myself to leap and see if I can actually fly. I could easily give you some credentials about my education or my socio-economic standing, but I think that is as much who I am as the color shirt I am wearing currently. This site is a culmination of me and my desires for the world and myself. I hope you enjoy it, take it to heart, and it changes you for the better. So, check out MayYouLive.com mission statement, my bio (of sorts), browse around, and leave some comments.

Lastly, may you live all the days of your life!

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