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Luzern, Switzerland

Luzern, Switzerland

Sep 24, 2012

We decided to explore the city a bit on the 10th, as usual with a new city. We thought about renting a paddleboat but they were insanely expensive (surprise surprise). We walked to many of the major destinations; Chapel Bridge and the Lowndenkmal (a giant slain Lion statue carved into the side of a cliff) were the most memorable. After hanging out at the hostel for a bit, we headed to a dinner show at Stadtkeller restaurant (also a brewery). The show was great! The accordion player was definitely the ringleader and was so excited about it. Over the course of a few hours we gorged ourselves on fondue, Bavarian delights, beer, yodeling, Swiss horns, flag ‘dancing’, ice cream, and music. It was a tremendous evening—including the part where the cow (people in a cow suit) ran around the audience eating people’s faces.

Having discovered the previous day that our Global Eurail passes allowed us to ride any cruise we wanted for free on Luzern Lake, we immediately headed for the docks on the 11th. We caught the 11:50 to Alpnachstad. The lake, as previously mentioned, is spectacular. After docking in Alpnachstad, we rode the world’s steepest cogwheel up to the summit of Mount Pilatus (48% grade). We then hiked up to the highest point (7000 ft) and had a little lunch (while being stalked by crows). The view was amazing. There was even a little chapel located near the top frequented by only those with extremely strong faith. We then rode a cable car down the mountain on the other side to about halfway. At this point there was a small ropes course that was far too expensive to partake in and a toboggan run (on a metal slide-looking track) that I wanted to partake in. Unfortunately, it started raining and they closed the toboggan run, so we caught the next gondola down to base and a bus back to Luzern.

The 12th was cold, rainy, and generally dreary. I stayed in the hostel for the majority of the day. Talking with Parul about my PhD plans, researching said plans, playing games, and meandering aimlessly around the internet. In the early evening hours, I went for a walk that took me to the train station grocery store first. From there I walked around the lake to Lido beach and the transportation museum. On the way home, I scaled a wall and enjoyed the closed Glacier Park in the middle of the city. Having possibly tripped some silent alarms, I didn’t stick around for too long prior to returning to the Lion Lodge.

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