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Seefeld to Luzern

Seefeld to Luzern

Sep 21, 2012

The train from Seefeld to Luzern on the 9th was beautiful as expected. We hugged the side of mountains, made a brief stop in both Innsbruck and Zurich, and played a good deal of rummy. When we departed the train in Luzern we were greeted by a much larger city than we had left but it was still enchanted with the feel of a small Alpine village. As we worked our way to toward our hostel (Lion Lodge), we crossed over Luzern Lake on a bridge the overlooked the Chapel Bridge. Without warning the guy next to us on the bridge, took his shirt off, climbing a pole, and dove into the lake from the bridge. “Welcome to Switzerland,” I thought to myself. The water here is very clear with stunning swans drifting on its surface. After dropping our bags off, we went in search of food. Much to our dismay, most places were already closed or closing at 6 PM. Also, the prices seemed outrageously expensive. We ended up finding a McDonalds still open and grabbed a meal there; I thought for sure that our currency conversions were wrong since my meal was 15 Swiss Fr.. However, we later discovered that our conversions were correct and what would have cost me $4 in Atlanta cost me $16 in Luzern (I spent $16 on a medium drink, fry, and sandwich). We later found a grocery store to purchase food for the week; although expensive, it was much more reasonable.

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