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Salzburg to Seefeld

Salzburg to Seefeld

Sep 17, 2012

We found our way to the train station, hopped on, and headed off toward Seefeld changing trains once along the way. As we approached Seefeld, the landscape underwent a gorgeous transformation. Before we knew it, we were coasting along the sides of giants overlooking towns nestled at their bases. The Alps are tremendous. I got excited thinking about the green pines, wide open plateaus, and the crisp cool air. We found our way to our apartment, it was a quick walk from the train station. Just like the surrounding environment, our living space while in Seefeld was wide open compared to the cramped quarters we were used to. After walking around the town, getting a bite to eat, doing a little grocery shopping (we had a kitchenette) and settleing in a bit, I decided to go for a run. Immediately I took off for the irresistible foothills, the thin air felt like I was running in the dead of winter and as I pushed to the top of a steep slop I had to walk for a minute. All around me, the looming shapes of mountains. I would watch the clouds scrolling across the horizon for a moment only to discover another rocky peak poking out of the sky. Once I got my lungs acclimated after a few laps around town, I sat awestruck on a bench on the side of a church and drank in Seefeld.


  1. Sounds beautiful. I hope you’re taking some pictures.

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