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Sep 11, 2012

“Action expresses priorities.” – Gandhi

Yesterday marked the one-month point of my European backpacking adventure; it has been an entire month since I was on US soil, been in a car, slept in a bed larger than a twin, or kissed my girlfriend. I still have over two months left of traveling ahead of me (the trip has undergone some changes and many of you will be happy to hear that I will be back in the states Nov. 13th).

Although this first month has been both pleasant and difficult in many capacities, I have managed to keep my priorities straight. First in my mind, my loved ones know that I love them tremendously (this goes doubly for Parul who rightfully needs more assurance than my family of this fact). Second, I am partaking wholeheartedly in the extraordinary opportunity of extended travel.

Sometimes these two priorities can be conflicting—for instance, to simply partake in a trip like this means that I am not partaking in my loved ones lives in the degree I could when situated back in the states. It is a hard lesson learned that we cannot have everything… at once.

“At once,” is the overriding key to this lesson. I am able to maintain a beautiful loving girlfriend in the states while gallivanting around Europe. Largely, this is due to her unyielding support of the trip, infinite patience, and affection for me. However, I would argue that my actions help instill those things in her. My actions show her that she is a priority in my life. When I talk with her (which I do daily through various forms of communication), I do not have other distractions. I am not planning my next excursion, tending to emails, or writing blog posts while talking with her. When we talk, she has my full attention. The same goes for the trip—when I am touring a castle, hiking a mountain, or enjoying beverages at a biergarten, those activities have my full attention.

Often times, I see people shifting their attention among things that are supposed to be their top priorities, like flicking back and forth between TV shows. No one is so busy that they cannot place one priority on hold to attend to another until it is satiated. Albeit, this is not always the easiest decision—in order to demonstrate priorities, it is essential to make a decision.

May you live all the days of your life.

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