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Proud to be Ridiculous

Proud to be Ridiculous

Jul 6, 2012

Michael Oh: “Greg, this is random, were you wearing a red speedo on the 4th??”

Greg Cohen: “Indeed I was; Post Glenn pool. Were you there?”

Michael Oh: “No, but a friend of mine posted a picture of you and a ton of people like it!”

Greg Cohen: “Hahahhaa! Tag me in it.”

Michael Oh: “Hahhahaa! Tagged! You were reading 50 Shades of Grey as well…”

Greg Cohen: “Yup… a dramatic reading.”

Michael Oh: “This what my friend said: ‘He wore cut off jean shorts and that was underneath. The best was that he propped his leg on the cooler when he started to read.’”

Greg Cohen: “She gives a good description of the event.”

Michael Oh: “HAHAHHAHA!”

Greg Cohen: “That just made my day.”

I rarely shy away from an opportunity to make a scene (in a positive, well-meaning “cheeky-monkey” way). Naturally, I decided to rock a creepy mustache, 80’s sideburns, a patriotic Pabst headband, mirrored aviators, and cut-off-jean-shorts (jorts) concealing a red speedo to this year’s 4th of July festivities. Also, when asked to perform a dramatic reading from page 135 (yes, I remember the page) of Fifty Shades of Grey beginning with, “My nipples were so tender” or something to that end, I popped a slight chubby (sorry for the visual). It is no surprise that from there I propped my foot up on the cooler, unbuttoned my jorts, and consummated my theatrical career by dropping my pants in front of an unsuspecting pool. Little did I know, someone in the pool, roughly tied to me through a friend would pull out their phone and commemorate the event with an Instagram picture.

Thanks to the astuteness of my friend Michael Oh (not the president and founder of Christ Bible Seminary in Nagoya as Google might lead you to believe) the gap was spanned and I was tagged in the glorious Facebook representation of this photo. Therefore, I have been privy to the hilarity that has risen from the situation—such as this gem said to have been seen in Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.

Thanks to all who were involved in making freedom (and hilarity) ring through the tight grasp of a red speedo on my man bits. ‘Merica!


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