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Think Differently

Think Differently

Jun 13, 2012

“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.”Friedrich Nietzsche

As I stepped outside today and the humid smell of fresh cut grass filled my nostrils, my mind instinctively felt eased. This puzzled me briefly until I realized how much I was “trained” as a youth to associate summer with freedom. When summer set in, schools let out.

Right now, young generations are scampering out of lecture halls and into the vast openness of summer. Some only have a few months of freedom before going back to the dictatorial regime of chalkboards, desks, computer labs, essays, and tests. But others, graduating from America’s finest colleges and universities, have an endless open horizon before them. A horizon they are arguably scantily prepared for.

Unfortunately, the American school system structures, supervises, monitors, coaches, and then structures again its student’s academic and extracurricular life from the moment our nation’s curious toddlers enter preschool through post-graduate work. However, adulthood has completely different boundaries, if any.

What useful wisdom or deft talent have America’s institutions imparted on these meager few meandering into the unforgiving world for the first time? Why have we designed one single straight path for them to walk to the edge of the ocean before telling them to start swimming in whatever direction they see fit? Mind you, in that ocean there are seemingly insurmountable swells, pirates, no compasses, and no safe harbor.

Granted this is just an analogy, but how welcoming is the “real” world these days? Today we are all ushered into a death match and the only training we have received is a kickboxing DVD combo pack that all our opponents have also watched. In order to survive, and certainly to thrive, one has to think differently.

It is the difference that will afford you the life you wish to lead, not the similarities. One must cultivate these disparities outside the stuffy confines of text books and lesson plans; however, this can be a daunting task. Deviants are rarely seen in a positive light at first and in order to nurture your incongruities, you can only rely on your own tenderness.

You have nothing to prove to anyone. Encourage yourself to shuck society’s confines and embrace your own freedom. Ultimately, we are all the captains of our own vessels. So, if you have an atypical idea of what something is or should be, run with it. If you feel it, why do you need to answer to anyone else’s definition of it?

Summer is upon us all; isn’t it time you stopped searching society for direction and finally charted your own course, captain?

May you live all the days of your life.


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